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Full Face Lift


A variety of facial implants are available for improving and enhancing facing appearances. Implants used in the forehead help negate the anti-aging effect caused by gravity. They work as hangers, helping lift the forehead to maintain a youthful appearance of the upper face. Some of these implants are designed to help lift the cheek and the mid-face. These implants are inserted under hair covered scalp.

Mid-facial implants are also used to augment the cheek to provide fullness to the mid-face. These implants can be inserted through the mouth or behind the hair line to avoid unsightly scars. In addition, some surgeon will place these through the eyelid.

Nasal implants are used to augment the tip of the nose or the bridge of the nose. Some nasal implants are specifically designed for Asians, who do not have prominent noses yet do not want very notable changes of their appearances after surgery.

Jaw implants and chin implants help improve lower face contours. These implants can also be inserted through the mouth to avoid visible scars.

Implants are made from various materials. Most commonly they are made of solid silicone and porous polyethylene, a solid substance that has pores to allow in-growth of one’s own tissue.

You may ask your eye and facial plastic surgeon about the advantages and disadvantages of these implants and the various techniques used to insert them.

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