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Eyelid Surgery

The eyelids are small but delicate structures integral to protecting and maintaining the health of the eye. A variety of problems can involve the eyelids and oculo-facial plastic surgeons are quite skilled in addressing these issues as they arise. As we age, the skin thins out, tissue stretches and sags and the soft tissue looses volume. Often the first place this becomes apparent is in the eyelids. Heavy upper eyelids (ptosis) may interfere with vision, and if they do, insurance companies will often pay for surgery to lift the lids. Lost of elasticity of the skin and sagging, baggy eyelids can also be treated. Lower eyelid surgery can help rejuvenate your appearance and is a common cosmetic surgical procedure. The same is true of the upper eyelid as well. Dr. Freilich is available for consultation to discuss a variety of eye lid plastic surgery procedures like blepharoplasty. Of note, the upper eyelid is in continuity with the eyebrow and the lower lid is in continuity with the cheek. In both these cases, brow lifts or cheek lifts may be needed to obtain the best result possible when sculpting the eyelids.

In addition to drooping and sagging problems as the eyelids age, they can often turn in towards the eye (entropion) or turn away from the eye (ectropion). The skin is a very active organ in the body and is susceptible to a variety of conditions. A range of problems from benign warts and styes to malignant lesions like basal cell carcinoma can occur on the eyelids. Sometimes, only a biopsy can be done to make the correct diagnosis. As an ophthalmologists trained in plastic surgery Dr. Freilich is the perfect choice for your eyelid needs.

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